1976 A150M Aerobat
Rate: AU$180 / hour TACHO (wet)
MTOW: 726Kg
BEW: 520Kg
Specifications: Continental O-200 100HP
TAS: 95kts, 2 Seats
Features: Day VFR
Uses: Available to CASA Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL) Licence Holders
  • Always leave Beacon ON and Handbrake OFF when parked.
  • Please try and not drop the cover on the grass.
  • Report any issues via Contact Page

  • Leave it better than you find it!

Conditions: Must have conducted three take offs and landings in the 90 days immediately prior to hire and be familiar on type. First time hirers must undergo an aircraft familiarisation session with aircraft manager (or other person as appointed by CAC) which may involve a familiarisation flight.

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