Board of Directors



Norm Jones

Norm has spent most of his adult life working in Aviation, in the Federal Government, quasi–Government Authorities, and as manager of the Canberra Flight Training Centre, a successful joint venture between this Club and VH Aviation. 

He commenced leaning to fly in 1972 at Fogarty Field, near Melton in Victorian in a C150 instructed by off-duty Air Traffic Controllers. Got his RPL and stopped in 1974.  Recommenced flying in 1990 in Canberra and completed the PPL training in RRJ a Piper Warrior. Not long after that he started flying the A36 Bonanza (FIM ) as he was a partner in both planes, and subsequently flew FIM around most corners of Australia.  In addition, Norm has been a member of the Club for 29 years, and an Angel Flight Pilot for 10 years. 


Membership Director

Jack Guan

Jack started his flight training when he was 15 years old in New Zealand. He is currently completing his CPL. Jack co-owns VH-HAT with Tony and is hoping to complete his NVFR training. Jack is a huge fan of Snoopy and will buy anything shiny and made by Apple. He is well-known to the local flying community as the pilot who flies with Taylor Swift's songs in the cockpit.


Communications Director

Russ Swinnerton

Russ learnt to glide and fly when a cadet at the Royal Australian Naval College (a very long time ago). When the navy stopped paying, he stopped flying. Shocked to find his licence was still valid in 2013, he set about getting current again, and now has a PIFR and a seaplane endorsement.


Social Director

Steve Nadudvary

After a long career in the Air Force, working in and around planes, Steve has only been flying privately for the last 3 or so years.  He was a student at the flying school at Cowra, FlyOz, currently holds a NVFR rating and is working towards his PIFR.  Flying has been a long-time dream and passion of his.


Membership Engagement

Chris has been into aviation for more than 45 years, originally via gliding then Canberra Aero Club in the mid-1980’s. Working in the ADF as a staff officer Chris has returned to active flying with a PPL and IFR endorsement. He looks forward to the Club’s continued growth and achievement.



Daniel Holt

Daniel was a student of Goulburn Aviation from the early 2000's. Initially flying PA28's and C172s progressing with a complex endorsement recently flew a C210 to the Birdsville races. Daniel maintains a NVFR and Aerobatic rating and recently joined the RAAus ranks for access to fly beautiful sleek light aircraft like the Sling and Bristell.



Andrew Brettargh

Began flying in 1981 by earning rides in 172s by washing planes for pilots next door in Central Qld. More formal flying began in 1987 with Tom Dennis at the Airport Flying School which led to a PPL. Have flown in just about all types of Cessna singles (left and right seat), and as a passenger have flown in all Boeing types 707-787. Previously a Director of the Canberra RSL and Board Member of several Canberra sporting organisations including ANU (Sport), Canberra AFL and ACT Water Polo. Tertiary Qualified in Science Engineering Economics and Law works as economic policy consultant.


Vice President

Paul Lindwal

Paul has been flying for just over two years and recently obtained an instrument rating. He is a co-owner of the A36 Bonanza VH-FIM. He hopes to fly around Australia counterclockwise. Paul is a full time commissioner at the Productivity Commission.

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Aircraft Manager