Board of Directors

Meet our Board of Directors:

Tony Smart


Tony Smart has flown GA singles on and off since 1988 in Australia and whilst living in the USA where he obtained an IFR rating. Currently he’s co-owner of a Tomahawk and looking for the next (faster) acquisition. His greatest enjoyment is flying socially with his kids and friends. To support this he helps CEA Technologies sell Phased Array Radar (PAR), the world’s first PAR with integrated IFF. Previously he sold Air Traffic Management systems into Asia and in a previous life was software systems engineer on various airborne combat management systems.

Daniel Holt


Daniel was a student of Goulburn aviation from the early 2000's. Initially flying PA28's and C172s progressing with a complex endorsement recently flew a C210 to the Birdsville races. Daniel maintains a NVFR and Aerobatic rating and recently joined the RAAus ranks for access to fly beautiful sleek light aircraft like the Global Aviation Sling.​

Dominic Hill

Aircraft Maintenance Manager

Dominic is a Pilot and an Aeronautical Engineering student on a Defence Sponsorship. He completed his training in Canberra, with Canberra Aviation in their PA28. Beginning his career in the aviation industry, assisting pilots through Aspeq, Dominic will be working on the F/A 18 “Classic Hornet” up in Williamtown in January 2019. Dominic loves modern and fast planes, and is looking to acquire a higher powered aircraft in the near future. He is also hoping to achieve his tailwheel and an aerobatic endorsement soon!

Jason Moore


Jason is a private pilot who is a serial training junkie, except he hates exams so just focusses on feature endorsements and ratings. He did however acquiesce and do an exam for his PIFR. As a boy living under the Perth flight path, Jason had dreams of following the family tradition of joining the Air Force, and then becoming a pilot. Alas Jason was seriously distracted as a teenager by young ladies and so, like all failed pilots ended up in IT. He is a part owner of a Cessna T182T (VH-KAM) which is a great long distance family touring machine, and is currently building a Ran's S-21 Outbound bush plane for low and slow fun. He'd really love a Pitts, Nanchang or Yak for aero's, but is struggling with justifying three planes! Jason is keen to share flying with the community and get more young people into the sport/hobby/profession - especially as a father of 4 daughters, more women! With over 500,000 people in the Canberra region he wants to help grow CAC into and organisation with enough mass to deliver significant benefits to members with the intent of making flying easier to access, cheaper and safer.

Norm Jones

Member Board of Directors

Norm has been involved with the Canberra Aero Club for a long time, and served in both President and vice-President capacities on the board.

Jack Guan


Jack started his flight training when he was 15 years old in New Zealand. He is currently completing his CPL. Jack co-owns VH-HAT with Tony and is hoping to complete his NVFR training. Jack is a huge fan of Snoopy and will buy anything shiny and made by Apple. He is well-known to the local flying community as the pilot who flies with Taylor Swift's songs in the cockpit.

Mark Sullivan


Mark started flying in 1988, earning the honour of being Australia’s youngest licenced pilot in 1989. Since then Mark has flown all manner of flying contraptions, including hang gliders, microlights, ultralights and LSA. Being the son of a RAAF air traffic controller and air safety investigator, Mark aspired to fly professionally.

Unfortunately, the medical barriers were too high and he had to settle for ‘flying for fun’. Mark has a passion for tailwheel aircraft (better pilots, according to him) and experimental aircraft. He is in the process of gaining his spin, aerobatic and formation endorsements and cites his two dream aircraft as a Vans RV8 and a Super Cub, both of which he hopes to own one day. In his day job (which he is super-passionate about), Mark uses his studies in medicine and law to keep as many people in aviation as possible.

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