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We accept Bank Transfers and Credit Card payments (2.5% fee charged on card payments)
Flights are charged at the aircraft hourly rate + Terminal and Landing charges. (usually $15 TNC for each flight)

Please DO NOT make any payments to the club for flights until invoiced. The process after a flight is as follows:

  1. Complete both the MR and both pages of the Logbook clearly and completely after every flight. Please try and be clear with your name, someone has to read this.  (MR still needs to be signed out BEFORE every flight)

  2. Please make sure you include any and all places you land in the Route Details section of the logbook.

  3. We will conduct audits every fortnight(or thereabouts) of logbooks and process invoices soon thereafter.

  4. Once you have received your invoice via email (please make sure we have your best and up to date email address) double check the details and provide payment within five(5) days. The quicker you pay, the less liquidity we have to carry for bills which means the more money we have to spend on other things, like upgrades to aircraft.

  5. Any issues, errors or omissions please contact us via the email address on the invoice ASAP.

  6. If there are any extenuating circumstances that complicate your flight or invoice, ie. you purchased fuel on your own credit card, you planned to land but didn't or only overflew, please email us at the address on the invoice or use the Contact Us page with details and receipts.


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