Come Fly With Us

Canberra Aero Club aims to bring together people with a common interest in aviation in order to enjoy and experience the challenge and freedom of flight as safely as possible. 

Cessna 172N

Private Hire: $235/hour (VDO) Wet

4 Seater

Pride and Joy of Canberra Aero Club


Private Hire: $180/hour (TACHO) Wet

2 Seater Aerobatic

Piper 180

Private Hire: $240/hour (TACHO) Wet

4 Seater TAS 115

Piper Arrow II

Private Hire: $290/hour (TACHO) Wet

4 Seater

a reliable CSU/RG

PA32R-300 Piper Lance

Private Hire: $485/hour (AirSwitch) Wet

6 Seater TAS 155