VH-ITJ PA32R-300 Piper Lance

Rate: $485/hour Airswitch* (wet) + Enroute Charges, or $350/hour Airswitch* (dry) + enroute charges.


*Airswitch charging only commences once airborne, i.e. no charging for taxing, runups, or ATC ground holding etc so take your time and get it warmed.

TAS: 155 kts (speed kit fitted), 6 Seats with 50kg storage in both the Forward and aft baggage areas. A true getaway outback six-seater with additional seating and seat belt for a young child. 

Features: Fully IFR, Garmin GTN 650 COMM/GPS, coupled Autopilot, Auto trim, Codan HF,   GME CB UHF. JPI Fuel Scan FS-450, BFGoodrich WX-500 Storm Scope and Vertical Card Compass.  

Specifications: Lycoming IO-540 300HP, 60 Litres an hour.


  • Pilots must have minimum 250TT, and 25 hours on any CSU/Retract Types.

  • First time hirers without previous Lance/Saratoga experience must undergo a full check flight with an owner approved Flight Instructor.

  • First time hires with previous Lance/Saratoga experience must undergo an aircraft familiarisation flight with an owner approved Flight Instructor, unless you have a 90 day currency on Lance Sartoga. 

  • Check and/or Aircraft Familiarisation Flights:

    • Brian Candler on 0418204611 for a full check flight.

    • Andrew Scheiffers on 0416292131 for a familiarisation flight.



  • Take care when removing aircraft cover as there is a small solar panel attached to the cover via a lead into the forward locker, do not forget to separate this lead before removing the cover.  

  • On flight plans use P32R for Aircraft type, and EB1 for SSR Equipment.

  • When leaving the aircraft always leave the Beacon switch in the ON position, and Handbrake OFF.

  • Oil is in the forward locker in blue bottles, this is the only oil to be used.  

  • Report any issues via club.aircraft@canberra-aeroclub.com.au

  • Leave it better than you found it!

  • And do not forget, I feel the need, the need for speed !!